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Added on August 19, 2015

Posted 09 April 2015 - 09:52 AM Name:JJ Jewels Website: Phone #: E-Mail: On Time: yes Incall/Outcall: incall General Location: SE Portland Age:40s Height: a little over 5 ft Weight: perfect size Body Type: wonderful curves Hair Color: Hair Length: long Bra Size: perfect Describe Overall Appearance: everything's hoped for Are Provider's Photos Accurate: yes Personality: warm and friendly Review Details FS: yes PSE or GFE: GFE Kisses: Absolutely French: yes French Cover/Uncover: un DATY: Greek: Refills: FBSM: yes Smokes: Overall Atmosphere: warm and inviting JJ Jewels is a rare blend of depth and passion. My visit was by no means all business, she made sure to connect with me, there were loving touches through out my time with her and she truly got into our interactions with real passion and connection. I have been wanting to reach out to her for some time, and I am so glad I was finally able to spend time with this remarkable lady...thank you so much!

Added on August 19, 2015

TNA Handle (of subject): steevie Service Type: Escort Incall/Outcall: Incall Gender: Female Body type: A little extra Accurate Pics?: Exact Match Affiliation: Independent Height: 5'4" Activities (YMMV): CFS, FBSM, GFE, PSE, HJ, LFK, DFK, DATY, FIV, Greek, Russian, French, MSOG, BBBJ, BBBJCIM, CIM, DT, Duo, Facial Fetishes (YMMV): Submissive, Spanking Date of Meeting: 06/11/2015 Recommended?: Yes JJ had noticed I was working to hard. And had plotted with stevie a surprise. I like surprises, like this. I showered and it was suggested that I don't bother to get dressed. I was laid out and blindfolded for my massage. The girls took wonderful care with the massage. as my hands were "tied" but really free. I was just told not to move them. On the flip I was licked all over and massaged. Then came surprise one. they gave me a double blowjob with licking in lots of places. With the blindfold on I could not tell who was whom. I was kept there till I popped. Only problem in whos ....... After that fun I decided A LITTLE paddling with jjs paddle was in order, you see I WANTED TO KNOW WHO I POPPED ....... they WERE NOT FORTHCUMMING! Needed some more play and JJ whipped out a toy and we went to work on steevie JJ had learned to play with her cl** while using the toy. I was left to find a happy place for my .... there were lots of warm comforting, even inviting places. They took turns riding me and me riding them. AHHHH. steevie laid on her back on the couch and I inserted my ..... in her mouth while she was upside down. JJ layed on her back and came up behind me and licked and tugged all the fun places. We ended with them in a ravaging kiss and me decorating the both of them. Fun couple hours. //ramair​

Added on August 19, 2015

Wow, haven't posted a review here in ages as I don't frequent PDX nearly as much as I used to... JJ's ad and basic info easily found here so I'm forgoing the usual review form and just diving in. Found JJ here on THH late last summer and had an initial fantastic session with her. JJ has a cozy, comfortable place and she really connects with you & takes her time. Had a great chat with her post session and got to know her a bit better. I subsequently spent some more time with her since then and she continued to provide some great companionship. I won't go into too many details but she's really genuine, easy going, sexy, fun and is all around just great person to spend time with. Forgive the pun, but she's a real gem..

Added on August 19, 2015

Duo with JJ Jewels and Missy Who Service Type: Escort Incall/Outcall: Incall Gender: Female Body type: Slim Accurate Pics?: Exact Match Name: JJ Affiliation: Independent Age: 40 Skin Tone: Light tan Bust Appearance: Huge and wonderful Breasts: Real or Fake?: Real Tattoos: A Couple Piercings: Some Hedges: Trimmed Smoker?: No Activities (YMMV): CFS, FBSM, GFE, HJ, LFK, DFK, DATY, FIV, MSOG, BBBJ, DT, BLS, Duo, Toys, Masturbation Fetishes (YMMV): Submissive, Role Play, Spanking Date of Meeting: 08/01/2015 Recommended?: Yes Have been recovering from a couple of injuries. Was time to get out a bit. Called JJ and she hooked us up with Missy who. We started with blindfolding jj and took turns at the Y. Missy likes woman and it certainly shows. She also seems to like men a lot too. more on that later. With a writhing JJ and Missy on all fours. I decided to take the tour... Started playing with missy who gets nice and willing with some light play. the more I played with her the more JJ moaned. Kinda cool starts at the back and noises come from the front. Switch the girls and JJ and one of her new toys is dinning at the Y. Missy's. decided I wanted to do a little dining on JJ and that's it. Screw order and discipline. I gotta wack some pretty bottoms and have a DFK kiss with missy while we both watched JJ on her knees, licking and ... me. Kissing while getting blown from another woman can not be underestimated. JJ took me for a cowboy ride... good thing I don't buy that girl spurs. Missy was a blast comes early and often, what more could you ask for? hope missy joins the board soon.

Added on August 19, 2015

A couple of buds and I were going out for my bday. They wanted to party! we needed a guide. Hence Veronica. Our evening began with Playpen then on to mystic. Lovely ladies brought my buddies to an uproar. A call made by V brought in a reinforcement. This little she devil and ms v had us all going. With some sugguestions they would trade there left nut to be me. Thats a bday compliment. On to ms v's incall. clothes were removed the playimg got started. me my buddy started on this cute little she devil on the couch. V with my buddy in the bedroom. soon we were all in the bedroom , on the chair tag teaming the ladies. If we could think it up we did it. over two hours latter I took my buddies to there car and headed back. The ladies in question had decided my screaming was there task. they started it with our little sex monster and a vibrator eating ms V. where was I ? licking everyting that was not cover'd by bodies. the triplle mutual masterbation scene at the end , me doing the girls and them doing me. our little sex monster was a perfect match. A lady that can go the distance , Yippee! to all involved I say thanx thanks lady's and to my buddies who provided many wonderful things to see. //ramair

Added on August 19, 2015

Baseballman (THH) Posted 07 July 2015 - 05:01 PM Provider info Name: JJ Jewels Website: Phone #:503-867-6516 E-Mail: [email protected] On Time: I was Incall/Outcall: Incall General Location: SE Age: Younger then 50. Height: 5'2" Weight: 130 Body Type: small, curvy in the right places Hair Color: dirty blonde Hair Length: long Bra Size: C cup nice and perky and what I call nipple liscious. Describe Overall Appearance: Fantastic Are Provider's Photos Accurate: Yes Personality: Easygoing and down to earth Review Details FS: Yep PSE or GFE: GFE and PSE Kisses: Very nicely French: French Cover/Uncover: Uncover DATY: Very tasty Greek: nope Refills: Sometimes I do sometimes I don't FBSM: Yes and perfect Smokes: NO! Overall Atmosphere: Clean, quiet, homey, and inviting. Review Details: Sorry for the delay in the review there JJ. These 10 hour shifts are kicking my ass. Been busy as hell and wanted some R&R. JJ came to my rescue! After arriving and chatting for a bit I hit the shower to wash the grim off. I brought a razor to shave but JJ volunteered to do the deed of shaving me. Wow, what a beginning. She washed me and gave me a killer shave with no nicks or cuts. Damn I got a woody just from having her wash the suds from the crack of my ass and her silent reach under for my balls. Yowza.... She dried me off and we headed for her lovely massage table for some fun. She had me lie down first, face down and JJ gave me a deep tissue massage from head to toe . That got my muscles loosened up before she turned me. Turning me she decided to show some serious attention to the soldier at attention. Talk about R&R. Her skills were to perfection. After awhile it was my turn to reciprocate and I had her lay down for some fun. My skills are excellent and she thoroughly enjoyed my tongue. After her moans died done I slipped on a cover pulled her to the edge of the massage table and put her legs over my shoulders. I slid into her and she closed her eyes and we both enjoyed mutual pleasure. JJ is a delight to spend time with and you too will enjoy spending time with this lovely lass. Thanks for reading my Fantasy review on THH.

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